librarylogoLibrary Sports Grille & Brewery
1622 East Grand Ave
Laramie, Wyoming
Visited on September 17, 2007

Six years later and the food and location of this establishment still sticks out in my memory. The Irish fare is delicious. The corned beef and cabbage was on point and still stands out. The beer, however, does not. But I really liked the circular room that looked like an old library with drains right in the floor for rowdy Nintendo night.

Original Review

The name says it all. This is an Irish Pub adjacent to the Library, which bears the name of the brewery the two establishments share. I didn’t get a chance to check out its sister bar, but O’Dwyers is an awesome college bar. It is directly across the street from the local college, and even takes the school’s version of a meal plan. It seems like the brewpub is in a former library. The main dining area is a giant circular room with a domed ceiling ending in a skylight. The center half of the floor sets a foot lower than the outskirts and has drains around the outside. I wonder if they just hose the place down after a rowdy night?libraryout

The food was amazing. On Mondays (which it was) you can get traditional corned beef with sautéed cabbage and a baked potato. Among other Irish traditional dishes, this stood out, and was absolutely delicious.

The beer was nothing special. They offered three or four on-premised brews, each of which were moderately tasty but lacked body, especially for a brown and stout, which is what I had. But it’s cheap, and if I went to school there, I’d be drinking at least four nights a week at their bar. Since my mom and I were the only people in the place (we stopped on a late Monday afternoon on my drive from California to Ohio) the service was outstanding.

Note: I noticed Monday nights are Nintendo nights where you can play Duck Hunt, Mario, and other favorites. Awesome!

libraryinLocation: 20
Food: 19
Beer: 10
Service: 17
Overall: 16
Total: 82

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