riverportlogoRiverport Brewing Company
150 9th St
Clarkston, Washington
Visited on March 14, 2009

This small brewery opened just a few months before I moved out of Idaho. Set just across the border in the small town of Clarkston in Washington, Riverport had some growing to do. The tap area was fine – just a simple bar and a few tables in their warehouse production facility. And the crew was very nice. I imagine it was mainly family and friends volunteering their time to the labor of love. But their beer had a long way to go.

Original Review

This small, new brewery opened in the summer of 2008. It’s located in Clarkston near the river in a big, cavernous warehouse-looking type hanger building. The parking lot is gravel, the door looks like it belongs on a garage, and that’s what it is. A converted garage. The interior boasts a short bar with stools, several tables with chairs, a couple of bar games, and even a few televisions. It’s still just one big warehouse without any walls or dividers. Kegs and brewing equipment are off to the side. They obviously want to get the locals in to hang out after work and enjoy a few beers.riverportout

The beer is probably exactly what you would expect from a start-up company without much financial backing. Hops are expensive, so the hops are light in their first brews. There isn’t much creativity, and they seem to be trying to appeal to the most people they possibly can. Not a bad idea to get yourself going. Their Blonde Moment is a slightly better version of Bud. The Oatmeal Stout was a bit thin, but still flavorful and drinkable. The IPA had too much up-front bitterness for my tastes, but the Cedar Rock Pale Ale was nicely balanced with some fruity hop flavors. The River Rat Red was probably the least impressive, since I don’t even really remember drinking it. My favorite was the Bedrock Bock, but I’m a sucker for bocks. It wasn’t a particularly good bock, just like the rest of their beers aren’t particularly great examples of their style, but there’s nothing wrong with it, either.

riverportinTwo older ladies staffed the bar and provided drinks along with a limited beer knowledge. I overhead that the guys were on a bar crawl. Talk about locally owned! But very good service.

Location: 15
Food: NA
Beer: 13
Service: 17
Overall: 14
Total: 59 (of 80)