rockylogoRocky Coulee Brewing Company
205 N. First St.
Odessa, Washington
Visited on September 4, 2009

Another tiny little brewing outfit I managed to drop in on during a trip to the Gorge was Rocky Coulee Brewing Company. Technically it’s off of I-90 and not really on my way, but hey, we all make sacrifices on the search for new brewpubs.

The place was certainly nothing special. They had six or seven beers on tap, none of which were all that good. But you have to love the spirit. A husband and wife team that opened a small operation to sell to their local community, and a community that enjoys backing them in return. That’s what brewpubs are all about.

But it’s not really worth the drive unless you happen to be passing by anyway.

Original Reviewrockyout

This brewery is little more than a large converted garage across the railroad tracks in the tiny little town (population less than 1,000) of Odessa, Washington. The owners are fifth generation local farmers who decided to give brewing a try seven years ago. They get bigger each year, now featuring 12 styles with 6 on tap at any given time. There is a small, four-seat bar with a television over the taps in the tasting room. The rest of the small room carries about four tables. There is a decent sized patio for drinking as well. It’s not very big, but then again, there’s no food and they’re only open on Fridays. But they do carry pretzels and an assortment of local sausages in the fridge behind the bar. These small packages of traditional German meats are well worth the $3.50 investment.

As mentioned, there were six brews on tap. Three light and three amber to dark. The Fireweed Honey is a decent brew and the only one they bottle. Three of the other brews seemed to have some spoilage in the lines as they harbored the same sour taste. Those were a Dunkle, Amber and Pale. The Brown was solid. I’d be happy if it were at my local brewpub. My favorite, though, was some sort of a golden ale. I asked what style it was, and he said no style, just an experiment. Anyways, I liked it just fine, though it’d probably be one of the weakest brews at any really good brewpub.

rockyinThe owners were present and happy to chat while I enjoyed a couple of beers. Everything is served in plastic cups, which kind of stinks. They have no sample glasses, so if you want to taste something, they just pour you a bit in the cup, rinse it out with the next beer sample, and pour you another. FYI – the wife is much more generous with the samples!

Location: 15
Food: NA
Beer: 12
Service: 17
Overall: 15
Total: 59 (of 80)