arcadialogoArcadia Brewing Company
103 W Michigan Ave
Battle Creek, Michigan
Visited on May 23, 2010

After a second visit to Arcadia Brewing, I realized that my initial scoring was a bit low. On my first visit I’m not sure what my issue was. I think the heat from the pizza blocked some of my taste buds, and a surging hunger made it difficult to drink the many samples without getting light headed. In any event, the second visit was delightful. You’ve got to love any place with real barbecue and wood-fired pizzas.

Original Review

I dropped by Arcadia Brewing Company’s pub on my first drive from Lansing down to Indianapolis to visit some family, and I was slightly underwhelmed.

The building is gigantic and hopping on a Friday night. I’m sure I would have had to wait for a table if I didn’t saddle straight up to the bar, which is towards the back and slightly separated from the main dining hall. The place has a rustic feel about it; dimly lit with a lot of woodwork both in the floor and the ceiling. My favorite accent, though, is the wood-fired pizza oven burning on the left side of the main entrance. Authenticity galore!arcadiaout

The beer was definitely not the source of my griping. Everything I tasted was extremely good, though nothing really stands out in my mind several weeks later. They have a huge variety, however, and be wary of ordering a full sampler platter, especially if you’re on your own and driving. I stayed for quite a bit trying to get over the mass amounts of beer I consumed here.

The food is authentic, locally sourced, and pretty tasty. I couldn’t decide between barbecue from the grill going out back and pizza from the wood oven in the front, so I combined the two and ordered a barbecue pizza. It may have been that I was already slightly inebriated, or it may have been the too-generous amounts of red pepper flakes I added to the top, but I was not impressed. The crust was a bit thicker than I like and I couldn’t taste the barbecue. Next time I will go for a Mediterranean themed pie or the barbecue by itself.

arcadiainAside from the food, the service was my major complaint. I sat at the bar right next to some of the taps but I still had to flag down a bartender to get any kind of service. A guy sitting there without a drink or food shouldn’t have to ask.

Location: 18
Food: 19
Beer: 19
Service: 17
Overall: 18
Total: 91

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