franklogoFrankenmuth Brewery
425 S Main St
Frankenmuth, Michigan
Visited on September 17, 2011

There are two breweries in the tiny tourist trap of a town called Frankenmuth, and I had to look this one up to remember which one was which – that’s how unremarkable they both are. Besides hosting a giant Christmas store full of useless crap that is open year-round, Frankenmuth is, “Michigan’s little Bavaria.” This means there’s a giant Oktoberfest, a ton of little shops selling “German” merchandise, and some pretty cool architecture. For all of that, you’d think that the local brewpubs would have some German food and beer. They don’t.

Original Review

Set in the heart of downtown Frankenmuth, Michigan’s own little Bavaria and home of the state’s largest Oktoberfest, is a brewpub that has absolutely nothing to do with Germany. Sure, they had an oktoberfest on tap, but so do all breweries that time of year. There was no pilsner, no kolsch, no true German styles and certainly no German food. Well, besides a brat and pretzel, but come on, where is the schnitzel?frankout

Everything about this place was completely forgettable. It’s a huge, behemoth of a building with a new, fancy brick exterior and a useless giant brewing tank hanging over the entrance. The interior is cavernous, with huge banners, long windows and a bit of a warehouse feel. This would be nice if it used to be a warehouse. But this place was built touristy to appeal to tourists. The one positive thing I can say is at least they had televisions to watch football on.

The food was unremarkable. Coming from Oktoberfest, I had to have some sort of German food, so I went with the bratwurst sandwich. It was fine, but certainly not great. My girlfriend got a burger that was similarly unimpressive. I think I had onion rings and she fries, but I don’t remember. It was that good.

frankinThe beer was also forgettable. I’m sure I tried eight of them or something like that, but I can’t tell you now what they were. True, part of it is because I forgot to write this up and its two months later. But part of it was because it kind of sucked.
Screw the service.

Location: 15
Food: 13
Beer: 14
Service: 15
Overall: 10
Total: 73

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