plymouthlogoLiberty Street Brewing Company
149 W Liberty St
Plymouth, Michigan
Visited on March 3, 2011

I dropped by Liberty Street Brewing before a concert slated for a venue not 20 minutes away and was pretty impressed. All of their beers were supremely drinkable, some were creative, and even a few were exemplary. The only issue is that they don’t have much of a menu to speak of – just some snacks and maybe some chili in a crockpot – and the location could use some snazz. Otherwise it’s quite the local brewpub.

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I visited Liberty Street Brewing on my way to a concert last night and I can’t say enough good things about this place. It’s beautifully decorated with a gorgeous bar, dim but not dark lighting, hardwood floors, and solid colors on the wall. It’s exactly how I would decorate my pub – or house for that matter – if I had one. There’s nothing fake, nothing gimmicky, just a really nice, casual, relaxing atmosphere. There’s even an upstairs that I didn’t have time to check out.

And the beer is second to almost none. Only the rock stars of brewpubs like Three Floyds or Founders can boast a better lineup. Every single beer I tried was fresh, flavorful, perfectly balanced and true to style while maintaining a slight individuality. Even the light blonde ale was delicious. When I dropped in they featured nine beers ranging from light lager to honey porter and stout. Pretty much everything is over 6%, with the Honey Porter topping the charts at 7.9%. My favorites were the IPA (citrus, huge nose, slight sweetness) and the stout (strong for style at 6.3%, chocolate, easy drinking).

libertyinThey have a small menu featuring food that doesn’t require utensils. Chips with dips, pizza, and chicken chili with a bread bowl, for example. I had the chili, which was quite tasty though the bread bowl tasted a tad stale. It was like navy bean soup but a tad thicker with chunks of chicken. But if nothing fits your fancy, feel free to order in from one of the several menus they keep on hand of local establishments that will deliver to the pub.

The bartender was knowledgeable and pretty decent. She was a bit slow at times to pick up my check or see how I was doing, but she was the only one on staff and I was reading a magazine; obviously in no hurry to be getting out of the place.

Overall, I’m very excited about this place. I’ll stop in every time I’m anywhere near Plymouth. I might even get my mini-kegs filled here soon. Love it.

Location: 19
Food: 15
Beer: 19
Service: 17
Overall: 19
Total: 89

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