lumberlogoLumberyard Brewing Company
5 S San Francisco St
Flagstaff, AZ
Visited on October 15, 2011

Hands down the best brewpub option in the small town of Flagstaff, Arizona. A very nicely decorated interior combined with a great upscale pub grub menu and a wide variety of beers hits the spot just right. Plus, they have a few very tasty higher gravity options on tap. In fact, you can just skip all of the other places in town.

Original Review

Lumberyard is just a stone’s throw away from Beaver Street Brewing in the small town of Flagstaff, Arizona. The proximity isn’t weird at all until you realize that they’re both owned by the same people. I guess the downtown just isn’t big enough to spread out much.Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 3.04.38 PM

Then again, after a visit, I kind of understood it. It seemed that Lumberyard exists to take chances where Beaver Street is too mainstream to try. The building is one of the last standing lumber houses left in the area from the dying industry. As such, the wooden interior, tables, and huge outdoor patio all reflect this interesting past. It’s large, cozy, and my kind of place.

The food is also done better than its older brother. I greatly enjoyed a hummus reuben, which even carnivores would enjoy devouring. Black bean hummus, caramelized onions (my favorite), roasted red peppers, Swiss cheese, and Russian dressing all grilled on seeded rye bread. And those seeds make a difference in texture! It was a bit of a big mess, but it was good.

lumberoutThe beer is mainly the same as Beaver Street, that is, nice but nothing to write home about. But then I noticed a couple of rotating taps. One featured an Imperial Red while the other sported an Imperial Belgian Trippel. Now we’re talking about my kind of beer! Both were excellent and great additions to the already above-average list. With these to compliment the old standbys, the beer took a major step forward.

The service was extremely busy that night, so I can’t say a whole lot about it. There was no need to look for a chat, as the people around me at the bar were plenty friendly. High marks for the effort of keeping my glass full!

Location: 18
Food: 18
Beer: 18
Service: 18
Overall: 18
Total: 90

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