lunarlogoLunar Brewing Company
54 E St Charles Rd #11
Villa Park, Illinois
website? They don’t need no stinkin’ website
Visited on February 4, 2011

Lunar Brewing Company was one of the few brewpubs I could find that wasn’t too far away from the hotel I was staying at in a suburb west of Chicago for a seminar. I liked the place immensely. It’s really a beer geek’s bar. Dark, a little drab perhaps, a lot of hipsters, and a lot of good beer. They didn’t have a ton of their own brews on tap, and of what they had, I don’t recall anything being of particular interest, but I still dug the place.

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I love the vibe this place puts out. It’s a dark, hipster-ish almost-dive located just outside of Chicago. There’s a wide range of different types of people congregating in the same place to drink some beer. A chalkboard proudly proclaims the immense selection offered by the guys who buy the beer, who must have excellent taste. Some of the hardest to find beers in the country somehow find their way here either in the bottle or on tap, including their own.

Unfortunately, they were sort of between brew masters when I dropped by, and only had four of their own beers on tap. It featured a fairly standard stout, an unremarkable German alt, a barley wine I declined to try, and an excellent blackberry imperial blonde. This impressive concoction was smooth, light, slightly fruity, and an impressive 8%. Not that the number is really that high, but it certainly is for a fruited blonde.

lunarinThey don’t serve much food here, so I decided to pass on a taste. What they do offer is a small assortment of peanuts, chips and thin crust pizza that is probably frozen and popped into an oven somewhere.

But that’s okay, they’re not here for the food. They’re here for the beer, and the servers are happy to tell you about them. I enjoyed the bartenders, so I’m giving them high marks as well.

Location: 20
Food: NA
Beer: 17
Service: 18
Overall: 19
Total: 74 (of 80)

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