rblogoRight Brain Brewery
225 E 16th St
Traverse City, Michigan
Visited on May 29, 2011

Right Brain is a pretty interesting spot. Located just a short walk away from the shores of Lake Michigan, this brewpub is wild and weird. The interior decorators have done a great job giving the place a classic bar atmosphere. The bartenders are knowledgeable, and the beers are inventive. You’re not likely to find a lot of options true to any particular style. They really like their adjuncts here. But you will have a good time trying some well-executed beers unlike any you’ve had before.

Original Reviewrbout

Hidden on a small side street just around the corner from North Peak, Right Brain Brewing is one of the most eclectic breweries that I’ve been to. The seating suits itself to lounging around, enjoying a beer, and conversing with friends. Sprawled out, comfy, different types of chairs, couches, padded seats, etc. all come to mind. The décor is similar. Funky and engaging. I liked it immediately.

There’s no real menu here. You can get some peanuts and other packaged snacks, but nothing really to make a meal out of.

Like the seating and décor, the beer here is really interesting bordering on ridiculous. Call me a purist or traditional, but I like excellent beer to be a honing of great recipes and styles. These guys blow them all out of the water. Chipotle porter, lemongrass lager, ginger beer – those are just a few of the concoctions I can remember. Everything was well-done, but I couldn’t find any that merited taking home. Some were just too strange.

rbinThe service consists of waiting in line, ordering at the counter and heading back to your seat. A nice way to make sure nobody is neglected, and the tenders are fun.

Location: 18
Food: N/A
Beer: 16
Service: 17
Overall: 17
Total: 68