rologoRoyal Oak Brewery & Restaurant
215 E 4th St
Royal Oak, Michigan
Visited on April 3, 2011

Stopped in for a meal and sampler while waiting to make a pickup at DTW. A couple of years later, nothing really stands out because the brewpub I went to afterward completely blew it out of the water. What does remain is solid beer, a big, wide open, wood interior, and good onion rings.

Original Review

This review is being written way too far after the fact for my own comfort. Somehow it slipped my mind to put my thoughts down right away. Oops. But here’s what I can recall.roout

The Royal Oak Brewery doesn’t look like much on the outside, but the interior seems cavernous for the exterior façade. It has hard wood floors, lots of woodwork, fermentation tanks behind the bar, and a ton of seating. It’s not dim or dark like some pubs; it has a very family friendly environment.

The food is high quality pub fare. You’ve got your fried foods, your burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, and a couple of entrees. But the pizza comes out of a brick oven, the mac and cheese has andouille, they’ve got catfish, and all the sandwiches come on good bread. So while it’s not gourmet, it’s not bland. I had a French Dip Panino with a side of onion rings and was fully satisfied.

roinThe beer was unremarkable but certainly worth drinking. And unfortunately I can’t remember anything more than that. I have a feeling the porter was good. I think there was a decent cherry beer too, even though I don’t usually go for fruited beers.

And the service fits the bill for the rest. Good but not great.

Location: 18
Food: 17
Beer: 16
Service: 17
Overall: 16
Total: 84

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