sullivanslogoSullivan’s Black Forest Brewhaus
281 Heinlein Strasse
Frankenmuth, Michigan
Visited on September 17, 2011

Like the other microbrewery in Frankenmuth, I wasn’t all that impressed by Sullivan’s. I had already eaten at the aforementioned second brewpub, so I didn’t try any of their food. Judging by the bad-hotel-restaurant-vibe that I got from the place, I doubt the grub is all that great. At the very least, the menu didn’t include any German fare that the “Black Forest” and German spelling of “Brewhaus” in their name would seem to indicate. I got a huge sample platter of a ton of tiny beers that I worked through while watching the Ohio State Buckeyes choke on national television. Whether the football or the beer, I left with not that great of a taste in my mouth.

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I trotted over to Sullivan’s after being disappointed by Frankenmuth Brewing on a Saturday night. It wasn’t much better. The building is even bigger and more elaborate than Frankenmuth Brewing and completely built for tourists. Everything about this town is fake. The interior reminded me of a green Denny’s. There was no character. Maybe it looked more like an aging bar. I don’t know. It kind of sucked.

But surprisingly, the beer wasn’t too bad. It was better than Frankenmuth Brewing, at least. A sampler came with something like a dozen different types of beers to try. The styles spanned the board, and if I hadn’t already had so much to drink, I might have really enjoyed several of them in pint form. The stouts really stood out.

sullivansinAgain, I don’t understand a restaurant in little Bavaria that doesn’t serve any traditional German food, but whatever. I was too full to have anything. But I bet its also better than Frankenmuth Brewing, based on the beer and lack of pandering to dumb tourists.

Service was spot on, at least.

Location: 15
Beer: 15
Food: NA
Service: 15
Overall: 15
Total: 60 (of 80)

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