abclogoAsheville Brewing Company
77 Coxe Ave
Asheville North Carolina
Visited on July 4, 2013

Our fourth and final stop on July 4th in our short downtown Asheville brewpub crawl was Asheville Brewing Company, and it was the worst of the first day’s stops, which is saying something. We stopped in for a short flight just long enough to get out of the rain and wait to hopefully see some fireworks.

This joint is big and family friendly. There’s a large outdoor patio that features a giant movie screen, which I assume they use to show pictures with pitchers on a regular basis (see what I did there?). The inside is equally large and feels more like a pizzeria than a brewpub – big booths, plastic trifold menus, and small tables with your typical vinyl-covered chairs. There were kids running around all over the place – they were having a ball – and I bet the parents love having a brewpub where they can turn their kids loose for a while.abcout

I can’t say anything about the pizza, but we did go through a flight. On ours we selected six of their eight brews on tap, including the Shiva IPA, Escape Artist Extra Special Pale, Fire Escape (the previous ESP brewed with jalapenos), Rolands ESB, Red Light IPA, and Ninja Porter. We ignored the Rocket Girl kolsch, because who really wants a kolsch?, as well as their black IPA on our server’s suggestion.

abcin2And if he didn’t think that one was worth ordering in comparison to the rest of their beers, I truly wouldn’t want to have tasted it.

Their brews were pretty bland. I’m sure it appeals to the masses and everyone is happy with just about everything, but give me some assertive flavors here and there. The porter was thin and bland, the IPAs were underhopped, and the pale was very average. The jalapeno version was okay since it had a little bit of interest to its flavor, but I’ve had much better peppered beer (think Stone). I think we agreed that the ESB was our favorite of the bunch, probably because it was the one that didn’t require a lot of IBUs to be good.

I will say that our waiter was pretty awesome – consistently attentive, willing to give opinions, and generally helpful, despite the running around of rugrats everywhere.abcin

It seems like a lovely place for a family to sit and eat family-friendly food and family-friendly beer, but it’s not for the beer snob in all of us.

Location: 17
Food: NA
Beer: 14
Service: 18
Overall: 15
Total: 64 (of 80)

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