fblogoFrench Broad Brewing Company
101 Fairview Rd
Asheville, North Carolina
Visited on July 6, 2013

After an extremely loud and damp night of camping through torrential downpours, my fiancé and I were happy to be finally checked into our hotel for the last night in Asheville. We were also quite happy to start the afternoons beer activities with what might have been our favorite to that point. It proved to be just the beginning of the best day of beer we experienced in Asheville.

I really like what French Broad is preaching. It’s a small outfit with just a few tables available for drinking, which are set up in what little space is available in their brewing facility. And yet they make room for a place for live bands. They have their priorities straight.fbin

We got a sampler, which was very reasonably priced, and sat down to go through the beers. From top to bottom, I thought the quality was the best I’d had in Asheville. The kolsch had a distinctive taste without being bland and boring or too sweet, and all of their hoppier selections nailed the balance between slightly elevated ABVs and strong hop flavor profiles. The ESB was especially pleasant – a perfect blend of grains for the style and a restrained hand with the hops. They also had a barley wine on tap, that both my fiancé and I agreed was the best overall beer we’d had on the trip, this being our eighth stop.

??????????While they didn’t have any food, some homemade small and large soft pretzels were available for purchase, though we didn’t try one. And the woman pouring the beers was both friendly and knowledgeable about their wares.

Overall an outstanding addition to any local community.

Location: 18
Food: NA
Beer: 19
Service: 20
Overall: 20
Total: 77 (of 80)