buriallogoBurial Beer Company
40 Collier Ave
Asheville, North Carolina
Visited on July 6, 2013

The second to last stop made on the Asheville trip was probably both the best and most promising location for the future of the city’s beer culture. Burial Beer is just plain awesome. They set up shop in what looks like a foreclosed house from the outside, but they’ve managed to make the place unique, charming, and hippy all at once, and with minimal investment.

The decorations are great. There are undertaker tools hanging all over the place, like shovels, scythes, and other metal instruments with long, wooden handles. The back features a place to hang out with a corn hole set, or just a place to let your dog run around. The chalkboard clearly states what is on tap that day, and also what is coming down the line from the three fermenters in future weeks.burial2

That might seem like an odd setup, but this place is a test facility first and foremost. The brewers are making small batches of one-off recipes, serving them to well-educated drinkers, and taking the feedback to hone a select group of awesome recipes. Then they’re going to build a giant production facility to mass-produce the results of their evolution.

I’d say they’re off to a rocking start. Everything they poured was extremely interesting and very well done. Even the beers that I didn’t necessarily love, I appreciated the complexity and the level of execution. Plus, most everything hovered between 7 and 10 percent ABV, which always makes for a good time. Even though I didn’t love all of their offerings, I give them a lot of credit for being adventurous and daring in their recipes.

burialin3Keep your eyes on these guys. They’re going to be winning a lot of awards in the near future.

Location: 20
Food: NA
Beer: 20
Service: 80
Overall: 20
Total: 80 (of 80)