whiterabbitlogoWhite Rabbit Brewing Company
219 Fish Dr.
Angier, North Carolina
Visited on August 31, 2013

Being out in the middle-of-nowhere sort of near an area of North Carolina not exactly known for its brewing prowess, I expected nothing when rolling up to White Rabbit Brewing Company. Instead, I got some pretty tasty brews and a very pleasant visit.

White Rabbit really isn’t anything to look at. Like most start-up breweries, it’s located in an industrial area and shares a small strip mall space with a couple of other businesses. It’s nondescript on the outside, and not a whole lot better on the inside. It’s clean with some decent branded artwork, but the new taproom could use some investment in décor and atmosphere-building. At least it could use some more comfortable chairs, as I could barely manage to stay on the hightop chair I parked myself on.

As boring as their space is, the beer and service more than makes up for it. Being young, they didn’t appear to have a very stable lineup of beers, as many of them are recipes in progress and get replaced often with whatever happens to be ready next. While everything was easily more than drinkable, and a tripel attempt was cause for a moment of savoring, there were only two beers that really stood out.whiterabbitin

Their vanilla bourbon porter dubbed Tea Party was a great entry into the style. At under 9 percent ABV, it was low enough in alcohol to actually drink more than a goblet of, which I definitely wanted to do. And the bourbon wasn’t too pronounced given the low alcohol content, which I would image would be pretty easy to do. The other outstanding beer was the 10/6ths IPA. Sweeter and maltier than some might prefer, it’s exactly what my palette has grown to love. I also hear they have a dubbel to die for, but it wasn’t on tap when I visited.

To round out the experience, the brewer/owner? and the bartender were friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and fun to talk to. My fiancé and I had a very nice conversation and felt quite welcome, an important quality that some breweries are beginning to overlook in the overall experience.

Location: 14
Food: NA
Beer: 18
Service: 20
Overall: 18
Total: 70 (of 80)