nodalogoNoDa Brewing Company
2229 N Davidson St
Charlotte, North Carolina
Visited on January 11, 2014

NoDa had the highest reviews of any brewpub in Charlotte on Beer Advocate, so I had high expectations going in. And while I think it’s certainly a solid establishment, it’s completely overrated online. Probably because Charlotte is new to the whole microbrewery scene and doesn’t really understand what’s outside of North Carolina.

As far as taprooms go that are attached to the actual brewing operations, NoDa has their space down. Lots of exposed brick, an open floor plan, easy access to the bar, a few televisions, and a seemless integration of being both hip and mellow. It’s certainly a great place to hang out.nodaout

As far as the beer goes, however, I found their offerings a bit lacking. They have plenty of options – ranging from the traditional categories and meandering into sours and barrel-aged brews – but all of them completely failed to captivate me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all very good, but it’s all more of a B+ range than a solid A.

I tried everything they had in samples and settled on a full pour of an oak-aged ale – I don’t recall the specific brand now. In any event, it wasn’t great. If it were, I’d have made a point to remember.

nodainThe bartenders are helpful though, steering me toward the cask aged version of the brew rather than the regular version I had originally ordered. And the food trucks outside are pretty solid too. But in the end, I’ve been to better spots, although it is definitely the best option in Charlotte proper from what I’ve tasted.

Location: 18
Food: NA
Beer: 17
Service: 18
Overall: 17
Total: 70 (of 80)