trophylogoTrophy Brewing Company
827 W Morgan St
Raleigh, North Carolina
Visited on June 8, 2013
Revisited on January 11, 2014


Having recently moved to the triangle area, it didn’t take me long to revisit Trophy brewing. Most of my initial thoughts were reinforced. It’s not the most spectacular of places. It’s probably always crowded. They need to offer options on the sampler tray.

Once again, I can’t say everything I’d like to because we did not eat on this visit. But we did have pretty clean taste-buds for the beer. And again I have to say that I wasn’t that impressed.

Everything was clean and well executed, I just didn’t care of the styles all that much. They specialize in saisons which are crisp and refreshing, but I didn’t come across a true Belgian that really spoke to me. Nor were there any sours. I might be off, but it seemed like they were combining American and Belgian brewing traditions and not getting the aspects of either that make them great.

Original Review

My fiancé and I finished up our Raleigh brewpub tour for my birthday with a short stop at Trophy Brewing, just a short walk away from the Boylan Bridge Brewpub. The place is pretty small and was very crowded when we walked in. One side of the room is pretty much taken up entirely by the bar and folks sitting around it, while the other sports rows of long tables with high chairs and/or standing room only. Most of it seems to be done with original wood, which is a nice touch, though nothing really stood out about the location.

As for the beer, it was a step above average, but didn’t quite hold up to some of the outstanding samples I’d had earlier in the day. They seem to have their Belgian offerings down pretty well. The sampler we ordered only came with four beers, and the place was a bit too busy to try the other two on tap that evening. Perhaps a slight flaw in the system? I prefer to have options, even if replacing a sample or two costs a little more.trophyout

I could leave or take the porter and the Belgian IPAs, but I thought the saison was quite nice. I wish I could have tried the quad – it probably would have been potent enough to break through to my taste buds after the long day of tasting.

The food is pizza all the way. The crust is thick, fluffy, and somehow a little light all at the same time. It won’t weigh you down all day. There’s a lot of interesting, local ingredients to choose from, ranging from arugula and brie to house ricotta and Serrano ham. I don’t recall what we split now, but it was tasty and just the right amount of food.

Overall, it’s a nice spot. It could use a little work on the beer and not being crowded, but only one of those is really an issue. (Hint, it’s the former.)

trophyinNext time I’m in Raleigh, I promise to stop by to give the beer an actual try, rather than trying to taste things after a long, hard day on the old tongue. It might make a difference.

Location: 16
Beer: 17
Food: 18
Service: 17
Overall: 17
Total: 85

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