tbwlogoTennessee Brew Works
809 Ewing Ave
Nashville, Tennessee
Visited on May 1, 2014

The third and final brewpub imbibed at during my first evening in Nashville was the nearby-but-not-necessarily-easy-to-get-to Tennessee Brew Works. Sure, it’s only a half-mile away, but when you take the shortest route, the road runs over a railroad track. Not that big of a deal unless there happens to be a train stopped in the middle of the road, which there was. Luckily we were walking, so my wive and I could just climb over…

The effort was worth it. If Tennessee Brew Works has one thing down, it’s definitely the location. There’s outdoor seating, cozy indoor tables and even a balcony that provides even more outdoor space. The brewery felt trendy, welcoming and cozy all at the same time, which isn’t necessarily an easy trio to pull off.TBWout

And the beer was pretty tasty too. Again, thanks to outdated southern beer laws, there was nothing above about 6.3 percent ABV. Thus, for anyone who has to have a bourbon-barrel-aged double something or other to be impressed, you won’t be here. But for the styles they were serving, the quality was pretty decent.

The service was on-point too. The bartender (owner?) suggested saving the stout and the fruity pale for last, as the dry stout sampled before the pale would really bring out the flavors. And he was right.

I’d happily return.

TBWinAfter visiting and writing about Yazoo, Jackalope and TBW, which all happen to be within a mile of one another, I don’t think there’s a clear winner here. Yazoo had the best selection, but Jackalope and TBW had superior locations. And nobody bested anybody in the quality category.

Bottom line: go where you will, you won’t go wrong.

Location: 19
Food: NA
Beer: 17
Service: 18
Overall: 17
Total: 71 (of 80)