RBlogoRock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery
111 Broadway
Nashville, Tennessee
Visited on May 2, 2014

The fifth and final brewpub I landed in during my time in Nashville was quite unexpected. We were in town for a wedding and I was invited out with the groom and some of his high school friends while my wife and the other ladies got their nails did. We ended up going to a Rock Bottom in the heart of downtown, which I wasn’t even aware existed.RBout1

Being downtown, the location is pretty swanky. Sure, it’s touristy, but if touristy means high ceilings, beautiful wood and a rooftop bar, sign me up for touristy. It’s a pretty standard large restaurant in the heart of a major downtown tourist destination, which means it’s nice.

I had already stuffed myself full of a mediocre buffalo burger at another brewpub for lunch, so I didn’t have any food here. Some of the things others ordered included shrimp and grits, ribs and a gigantic chicken nacho plate. Everything looked pretty tasty and pretty high on the chain-tourist-trap-restaurant spectrum.

RBout2I wished I hadn’t eaten at Blackstone.

The beers were pretty solid. They came with the standard color spectrum of blonde, pale, amber, hefe, IPA, stout, etc. But they also had a few seasonals that you don’t find every day, like a red rye IPA and a maibock, both of which were superior to their standard lineup.

That’s the way it goes with most Rock Bottoms and other brewpub chains I’ve found. Don’t scare away the not-yet-converted-to-craft drinkers by offering a lot of mild standard brews but offer a couple of more interesting options in the rotating draughts.

As for the service, it was a little bubbly at times and a bit much, but overall he did a great job. Large tables are never easy to accommodate.RBin1

Oh, and one of the characters on the wall representing (I guess) a label for one of their beers had the worst case of ball chin I’ve ever seen.

Location: 18
Food: NA
Beer: 16
Service: 17
Overall: 17
Total: 68 (of 80)

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