RBlogoThe Round Barn Winery, Distillery & Brewery
10983 Hills Rd
Baroda, Michigan
Visited on June 29, 2014

On the way up to a family vacation in Saugatuck driving all the way from North Carolina, my wife and I stopped at the Round Barn since we’d seen lots of signs for it in the past. Wine, beer and open air–what’s not to like?

The location is awesome. Sure, it’s in the middle of nowhere, but the middle of nowhere gets you some awesome scenary. You duck around curves and withstand some pretty terrible roads, and pretty soon you’re turning down their gigantic driveway. I was solidly impressed with what a to-do this place is. There were a ton of people hanging out on their grounds, listening to live music, tasting wine and beer, and generally having a jolly good time.RBout

Unfortunately on our stop, there weren’t a lot of beer options, and they weren’t doing tastings because of the weekend crowd. The bartender let us try a couple samples of a few of them, which was nice, but in the end I still had trouble deciding what I wanted a pint of. Not because they were great, but because they were kind of meh.

They had plenty of summer beers on tap, with wheats, blondes and lagers. And there is a certain elegance to these types of beers as they aren’t easy to do well. But I find the styles rather bland, and would prefer something with some more hops, or at least some solid malt backbone.

rbinTheirs had neither. They did offer one IPA, which was fairly tasty given its siblings, and a decent nitro-stout. The latter is what my wife and I opted for, though by the end of the drink I had decided it was a bit thin for my tastes, both in viscosity and depth of flavors. Plus, the price was a bit steep at $5 for a plastic pint or $3 for a half-pint. I guess when I’m drinking from the source I just expect a bit of a deal.

If you’re driving through the area and looking for beer, look elsewhere.

Location: 20
Food: NA
Beer: 10
Service: 15
Overall: 15
Total: 60 (of 80)