Nickelpoint Brewing Company
506 Pershing Rd
Raleigh, North Carolina

There were a few months during this past summer and fall where I was living with my in-laws in downtown Raleigh in an area known as Five Points. Can you guess where Nickelpoint Brewing Company is located?

Get it?

It was pretty easy to drop by one weeknight soon after their opening. It wasn’t terribly difficult to find, though I at first mistook their warehouse garage door for the taproom front door. But hey, at least they have a taproom.

The space isn’t exactly impressive. As most young breweries, the space was clearly bought for the price point rather than the aesthetics. The exterior is a run-of-the-mill aging warehouse space, with a gravel lot and street parking. The interior is cozy but small, with more of a 1970s construction office feel than a trendy young business.np2

But it still kinda works. A small bar, a couple of tables and some cozy chairs–what else do you need?

Their beer recipes speak strongly to traditional English styles. Their IPA won’t hit you over the head with hops and their lighter styles are delightfully malty. The four they had on tap when I visited were straightforward–an IPA, a porter, a blonde and a Belgian golden. While none were knock-me-down impressive, they were all consistently on-point and easy to drink, which more than I can say about a lot of young breweries I’ve visited over the years.

np3I see a lot of potential here. The beer list has already expanded to a strong scotch, a marzen, and a Vienna lager. I think once they find their footing and start branching out a bit, they may surprise some people in the area in the near future.

Location: 13
Food: NA
Beer: 16
Service: 18
Overall: 16
Total: 63 (of 80)