G2BlogoG2B Gastropub
3211 Shannon Rd #106
Durham, North Carolina
Visited on April 3, 2015

For living as close as I do to G2B it’s a shock that it took me this long to visit. Then again, there’s not much reason other than movie theaters and grossly overpopulated shopping malls to visit southern Durham from downtown. And it doesn’t seem like G2B is going to change that anytime soon.

My wife and I dropped in for a quick drink coming home from a movie, so I can’t say anything about their food other than it’s expensive. Expect to pay at least $20 a plate, not including any appetizers, desserts, or drinks that you might have in mind. But who knows? It could be worth it.G2B3

The location is a bit weird to me. It’s in a large building complex that sort of reminds me of one of those office building that you find dentists and ophthalmologists in. Except in this case, instead of a stale, sterile whitewash treatment, you get an over-the-top funky vibe that probably belongs on South Beach more than suburban North Carolina.

There are, for some reason, two separate bars in a restaurant that can’t hold much more than 150. Televisions abound, as does slightly annoying blue mood lighting. There’s a small patio out back, which is a bonus, except that the best view you can have is of a stale concrete wall and a parking lot.

As for their beers, they were actually pretty tasty. I’d tried a couple of samples before at a recent beer festival in Raleigh and was not impressed in the least. But this time around, I found all four beers on tap to be rather tasty, and even impressively interesting.

G2B1They’re offerings included a cream ale and a stout that were well done and refreshing. But the main attractions were a blood orange pale and a citra IPA, both of which I would easily see myself ordering half-a-dozen of if they were normally priced.

That’s the big downfall. While their guest taps – of which there are many excellent beers to choose from – are moderately priced at $5 – $6. Hell, they’re even kind of cheap for what the price of the food is. But each of their own wares skyrockets up to $8 to $9 a glass.

I have no idea why they do this. Perhaps their brewing operation is so small that this is the only way they can make a profit off of it. Maybe they think it’s just that good (spoiler alert: it’s not). Either way, the ambitious pricing will stop me from wanting to visit on even a semi-regular basis.

Food: N/A
Beer: 17
Service: 16
Overall: 15
Total: 68 (of 80)