blackjack1BlackJack Brewing Company
1053 E Whitaker Mill Rd
Raleigh, North Carolina
Visited on June 6, 2015

I was on an epic day-long brewery crawl to celebrate my impending birthday with several friends when we stumbled across BlackJack Brewing. We had just left Sub Noir and were headed toward Big Boss, when a sign to our left exclaimed, “BlackJack Brewing Now Open!” I made eye contact with those in the car behind, and we were all on the same page.bj2

Driving up to the place, it had the same feel as Raleigh Brewing Company. There’s a giant parking lot with a giant building containing several businesses. In front of their doors is a wide, long, concrete walkway big enough for tables and chairs (or cornhole). The brewery is located at the far end, with wide doors leading inside.

There’s not much more inside than outside as of yet. A bar with a television, several tables with tacky chairs, and a giant pirate statue straight out of a bad 80s flick. Obviously, I’m not a big fan of their choice of decor or their logo/artwork. It’s too hokey – like a terribly bad nightmare of Disneyland.

blackjack3Their beer did not improve my impressions. There were four beers on tap when I visited: a pale, an amber, a porter and an IPA. And to tell you the truth, I couldn’t really tell the difference between any of them except for the IPA. If you need at least 60 IBUs  to distinguish your beers from one another, your business model might be in trouble.

To say the least, I don’t expect this place to last more than a year or two unless there’s a substantial increase in the quality of their wares.

Location: 12
Food: N/A
Beer: 8
Service: 15
Overall: 12
Total: 47 (of 80)