br1Breckenridge Brewery & Pub
600 S Main St
Breckenridge, Colorado
Visited on July 2, 2015


I’d finally made it to the place I’ve had on my mind ever since hearing one of my best friends from high school was moving out to Breckenridge. Breckenridge Brewery’s vanilla porter was one of the first beers that really wowed me when I switched over to craft brews, and even to this day I’ll pick up a six pack from the store and get excited about it.

Even though I’ve spent most of my time living in the midwest, they’re beers are easy to come by. I’d found plenty of varieties that I’d happily buy a six pack of repeatedly, so I imagined that the source had some even better wares up their sleeves.

I wasn’t disappointed.br2

First off, the place is huge. It’s deceiving from the street, because Breckenridge (Breck to the locals) is a long line of formerly-quaint-shops-turned-tourist-traps that don’t look like they should have 10 rooms to seat hundreds of folks. And yet, here it stood.

We wound our way along the side of the building and up some stairs before being seated quite a distance from the entrance, but next to a window with a mountain view. Not too shabby. Naturally, we immediately ordered a flight of everything unique to the brewpub, and a few old favorites to round out the number needed.

br3The standards were delicious, as expected, and I was quite pleased with the novelties on draft as well. A strong pilsner, a bright summer ale, a chocolate stout, and a tasty belgian pale were each memorable. But the real standout was a blood orange saison that I would have bought 10 growlers of had I had them on me.

As for the food, it is slightly elevated family-friendly chain fare. There’s the standard burgers, sandwiches, sides, and platters to choose from. We split a couple of slightly upscale options: a turkey apple sandwich with smoked turkey, brie cheese, bacon, granny smith apples, focaccia bread, and pomegranite reduction, and a tomatillo chicken salad sandwich, with cranberry, pecans, celery, and red onion on a croissant.

While both were executed well, neither really blew me away. That being said, while the whole place sort of feels like a tourist trap slightly above chain restaurant status, it’s a tourist trap I’d happily be trapped in for days at a time.

Location: 17
Food: 18
Beer: 20
Service: 19
Overall: 19
Total: 93