DR1Deep River Brewing Company
700 W Main Street
Clayton, North Carolina
Visited on March 27, 2015

I visited Deep River probably about 15 minutes after having left Double Barley Brewing, because that’s how close the two are together. And it’s just not fair that the rural outskirts of North Carolina should be blessed with some of the best brewing being done in the state. Can’t they both open locations in Durham?

One notable thing missing from their beer lineup is anything very high in alcohol content, which was just fine by me as I’d had all the heavy beers I could ever want at Double Barley. That’s not to mean that Deep River doesn’t do an excellent job on their wares, however.DR3

Their Riverbank Rye-it and Mango IPA have been go-to staples for me at one of my favorite hometown haunts for some time. And the black IPA and stout that I tried while at their brewery were also quite well done.

But I believe they are going to be most noted for their watermelon wheat before it’s all said and done. I’ve long been a fan of 21st Amendment’s version ever since I first had it at their restaurant back in 2007, and I must say that Deep River’s take on the style might be just as good. I’m betting it just might become their flagship go-to that sells out everywhere when it comes out.

DR2I also enjoyed relaxing at their location, which had a bit of a country barn feel to it. Long picnic tables dominate the floor while a giant wall of wooden planks sits there making my living room jealous. And while I wouldn’t say the service went above and beyond, it certainly didn’t fall anywhere close to below high expectations either.

Definitely worth your time.

Location: 19
Food: NA
Beer: 19
Service: 18
Overall: 18
Total: 74 (of 80)