bclogoBroken Compass Brewing
68 Continental Ct
Breckenridge, Colorado
Visited on July 3, 2015

Our fourth and final stop in the Breckenridge area was Broken Compass Brewing, and I do believe it was my favorite. Along the stretch of road that connects the two mountain towns of Fresco and Breckenridge, there isn’t a lot of room for development between the mountains and lake. So as you might expect, this place wasn’t very big.

Back behind a towering crane sporting a perpetual American flag, a small strip of warehouse businesses (construction, auto repair, etc) also sports a hidden gem. Broken Compass isn’t elegant. It’s not particularly fashionable. But it is cozy and inviting, with crowds that make it difficult to find a solid surface to rest your sampler platter on.bcin

We pretty much went down the line as far as beers go. While the lighter selections were fine, it was the heavier beers that really stood out. Besides a tasty imperial stout, they had a double IPA that we couldn’t resist taking home in a growler. The show-stealer, however, was a coconut porter that tasted just like a heavenly dessert. We didn’t opt for the growler, though, since the double IPA gave us more bang for our buck. The only thing I found that was terrible was a version of their barleywine aged in rum barrels – not quite the same as bourbon and not very drinkable.

The bartenders were quick and courteous, taking each patron across the bar as they turned up. While I respect when they give preference to regulars, I certainly appreciate when everyone gets their turn on time.

Location: 18
Food: NA
Overall: 19
Total: (76 of 80)