jm1Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery
1139 20th St
Denver, Colorado
Visited on July 5, 2015

Up until this point, only one brewery we’d been to on our Colorado trip failed to be well above average to excellent. Jagged Mountain began a long streak of sub-par experiences, making me wonder how Denver supports so much mediocrity in its beer.

My wife and I dropped by early in the afternoon to watch the Women’s World Cup finals match. I liked the place a lot, minus the terrible placement of its few televisions. It’s brick-and-mortar, has a sense of history to it, and wasn’t obnoxiously decorated.jm2

My issue was with the beer. I’m not quite sure what was going on here, but every single one of them had this weird finish and after taste to it. Something is off somewhere, either in the production line or in the distribution lines.

They have an excellent selection of ales varying from a black IPA (please stop it with this Cascadian Dark Ale shit), to triple IPAs, saisons, stiff stouts, and fruity sours. And had it not been for this weird aftertaste, I think I would have liked most all of them. But I just couldn’t get over it. While we would have preferred to stay for the whole game, we left at half after finishing two samplers and finding nothing we wanted a whole pint of.

Their barrel aged varieties are also obnoxiously high priced.

Location: 20
Food: NA
Beer: 12
Service: 16
Overall: 15
Total: 63 (of 80)