ch1Denver ChopHouse & Brewery
1735 19th St
Denver, Colorado
Visited on July 5, 2015

I’m not exactly sure what this place is doing with their name. Why is the H in House capitalized if it’s in the middle of a word? Is chophouse one word or two? Apparently they don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to capitalization.

I’d also venture that they don’t know much about beer. This statement comes from the fact that each and every single beer they serve comes in an icy cold glass, be it a sample or a pint. Sure, you may want a frozen glass if you’re drinking an American pilsner on a hot summer day, but if you want to actually taste your beer, it’s the last thing you could ask for.ch3

Thus, pretty much each of the dozen-plus samples of beer that were put on the table before us basically tasted the same. A few of the higher alcohol content varieties (dopplebock, barrel-aged stout) had some distinctive notes, but that’s about it. Most of their beers are German-style lagers, and it’s hard to taste the difference between a pilsner, dark lager, wheat beer, amber and pale when they’re all frozen.

ch2For some reason the brewer asks that the servers give out all the beers on the sampler and not just some of them. And for some reason he/she doesn’t care that the glasses are frozen. Go figure.

All that being said, the beer is fine. Nothing fancy, nothing special, but also nothing disgusting. The food is out of my price range, with steaks and seafood starting at $25+ per plate, but I will say that they fry up a mean calamari. So I’m guessing the food isn’t bad.

It’s also probably not frozen.

Location: 19
Food: 17
Beer: 13
Service: 17
Overall: 14
Total: 80