rb1Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery
#100, 1001 16th St
Denver, Colorado
Visited on July 5, 2015

I’ve been to a lot of Rock Bottoms before, but they all seem to be a little bit different. Most of them present food that is a notch above your typical chain food, and some of them even have really good beer. One of these spots just outside of downtown Chicago actually blew me away with some of their higher gravity offerings.

This one did not.rb2

The restaurant is pretty much exactly what you’d expect from a big, fancy-ish chain on the most tourist-laden street in downtown Denver. It’s got a lot of glass, a lot of wood, and a lot of TVs, but not a lot to set it apart.

This being our fourth stop of the evening, we didn’t need a whole lot of food, so we got some house-made guacamole that was pretty tasty. I’m sure the rest of the menu is just fine as well, but just like the beers, nothing to write home about.

Speaking of those beers, I don’t really remember tasting them. Not because they were awful or great, but because they just blended in with every other beer I’ve ever had. They did have some slight variation with a spring lager and perhaps one higher gravity offering, but none of them were worth sitting and staying for a full pint.

rb2Sorry, I’m not going to be much more help on this one.

Location: 17
Food: 16
Beer: 15
Service: 16
Overall: 15
Total: 75