bt1Broomtail Craft Brewery
6404 Amsterdam Way
Wilmington, North Carolina
Visited on August 29, 2015

While checking to see if there were any new breweries to hit on the way to our first real visit to the beach this year, I was shocked to see that there are now five breweries in and around Wilmington. The last time I was there in early summer 2014, all that was there was the extremely mediocre Front Street Brewing. When the hell did this happen?

Apparently, it’s all happened since early summer 2014. Broomtail opened in May 2014, so I apparently was slacking in my Googling abilities at the time. But you can bet we hit it this time around.bt2

The taproom isn’t anywhere close to downtown – it’s more in the area of where I-40 spits you out onto the incredibly back-upped roads of the area. There’s not a whole lot to the building. It seems to share its physical location with another business next door. But they still have plenty of room for a food truck in the parking lot, a small bar, and a couple of rooms with comfy furniture to sit and sip in.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this place was originally a terrible lawyer’s office or something in that vein.

bt3As for the beers themselves, it seemed like they were out of a lot of their flagships, which is surprising because they still had nine beers on tap. Two were immediately nixed as neither my wife nor I enjoy smoked beers. The rest, we picked out a small flight of four of the beers that sounded strongest and most interesting.

We ended up with a DIPA, imperial stout, bier de-garde, and some sort of lemongrass pale ale. All were tasty – though my wife didn’t care of the stout for some reason. We both agreed that the lemongrass was the most flavorful of the bunch. Or maybe it was just the most refreshing, as we’d just spent the day on the beach.

In any event, the beers were clean and interesting, the bartenders were nice and knowledgeable (perhaps to a fault), and we had a good time. I expect good things out of these guys – a definite win for Wilmington.

Location: 16
Food: NA
Beer: 18
Service: 18
Overall: 18
Total: 70 (of 80)