ft1Flytrap Brewing
319 Walnut St
Wilmington, North Carolina
Visited on August 30

My wife and I hadn’t really planned on hitting a third brewery on our one-night-stay to Williamston, but on Sunday morning we found ourselves with some time to kill. We had left our dog at a kennel between our home and Williamston, and had to wait to leave until we could pick her up. So after a coffee and a stroll around town, we made our way over to Flytrap.ft2

The place is super cute. A rectangular bar encompasses most of the square footage while still leaving ample room to meander around the taproom and check out the local art work on the walls. When we were there, they had adorable vegetables painted on wooden planks with hilariously punny messages. Lots of light, unstained wood work indicating that the place was pretty new to town.

They only had two beers on tap when we visited – a fairly innocuous amber and a Belgian-style sour IPA. The execution was done well on both, but I didn’t much care for the mash-up of styles. I look forward to returning to see what else they’ve come up with, however, as I enjoy breweries that like to experiment and turn over their kegs regularly – especially when there was a chalkboard on the wall filled with all of the different beers they had aging in barrels at the time.

ft3Location: 18
Food: NA
Beer: 16
Service: 18
Overall: 17
Total: 69 (of 80)