kw1.jpgKeweenaw Brewing Company
408 Shelden Ave
Houghton, Michigan
Visited on September 12, 2015

Hmm…what to do in the time between a wedding and reception in a college town that’s basically almost in Canada? Walking down to the local brewery – because there it’s Michigan and every decently sized town has a brewery – sounds like a great option!kw3

I’d had Keweenaw Brewing Comnpany’s beers before – they can some of their wares and distribute throughout the state – but I was still looking forward to seeing the actual spot in action. I hadn’t been impressed by anything I’d had to date, but perhaps some brewery-only beers would surprise me.

The location is historic and charming, just like the entire downtown of Houghton, Michigan. I can understand why Michigan Tech alumni love the city – at least when it’s not covered in several feet of snow. Two rooms and an outdoor area provides plenty of space, with a couple of televisions in the room with the bar.

kw2As for the beer itself, it’s still pretty meh to me. But it’s remarkably cheap, I will give it that. At $2.75 per pint – and that’s not a special – I can see how they keep the business afloat with plenty of college students around. I can also see how they can’t afford to make higher gravity, more interesting, hoppier beers.

That being said, the stout isn’t bad – it has some body and roasty qualities. And they also had a seasonal double rye IPA, which was actually more like a regular rye IPA, that was pretty tasty. I think their stronger seasonal specials are probably pretty tasty.

I almost said that they’re probably well worth it, but let’s be honest…at $2.75 per pint, they’re all well worth it, seeing as they don’t suck.

Location: 19
Food: NA
Beer: 15
Service: 17
Overall: 16
Total: 67 (of 80)