aero1Aeronaut Brewing Company
14 Tyler St
Somerville, Massachusettes
Visited on October 9, 2015

With an early flight into Boston for a conference that started later in the evening, of course I’m going to check out a few of the local breweries. After revisiting Cambridge Brewing Company – I had dropped in during a similar conference seven years earlier – I spent a solid 40 minutes walking up to Aeronaut Brewing.

In the rain.aero2

Only once I got there did I realize that they didn’t even open until 5:00 pm, roughly 30 minutes from when I arrived. Doesn’t anyone in Boston get off work before 5:00 pm on a Friday?

In any case, I meandered around to kill time and returned to give their wares a try. The brewery and taproom are in one giant space, with the former on the left hand side of the cavernous warehouse as you walk through the doors. A bar/ordering station separates the two, with long wooden picnic tables serving as seating in the “taphouse” portion. It’s very utilitarian, but it’s certainly not bad.

aero3They were pushing some sort of fresh dry-hopped IPA straight from the cask that night. No, seriously – there was an extremely friendly dude who was doing everything he possibly could to provide service the second I walked by.

It was tasty, as were most of the other samples I gathered on my tray. The pales and IPAs were good, and the stout was roasty and malty. Overall, they do a good job, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to visit them again. And if I lived in Cambridge, I’d probably be at CBC more often than not.

Location: 17
Food: NA
Beer: 17
Service: 20
Overall: 17
Total: 71 (of 80)