tb1Throwback Brewery
7 Hobbs Rd
North Hampton, New Hampshire
Visited on October 11, 2015

After spending the weekend in Cambridge for a conference, I took an extra day off to go visit some friends from Michigan who had just moved to New Hampshire. Bonus – I’d never been to a brewery in New Hampshire! While driving to he coast to get an authentic lobster roll, we just so happened to pass by Throwback Brewery and immediately decided to drop in on our return drive.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a more idyllic setting for a brewery, except perhaps Blue Mountain Barrel House. But even there, it was just the surrounding mountains and foothills that gave the brewery it’s beauty, while here it looks like an actual functioning farmhouse from the way, way back.tb2

I suppose that’s where the name come from.

There’s a gravel parking lot, a big, beautiful barn, wooden fences, and an interior taproom with a lot of great woodwork and craftsmanship. It’s the perfect spot to take the family, a date, or your dog on a relaxing fall afternoon.

Unfortunately, the beer isn’t very impressive. They had plenty of styles to choose from, so we grabbed one of each, which amounted to 10 samples. The names had more character than the beers themselves. They pretty much hit on one flavor note, lacking any type of varied hop or malt profile, or even an interesting strain of yeast.

tb3Except, that is, for one beer. As my friend Dave put it, “Hey, the peach wheat beer had two flavors…peach and wheat beer.”

Location: 20
Food: NA
Beer: 11
Service: 18
Overall: 15
Total: 64 (of 80)