FH3Fat Heads Brewery and Taphouse
18741 Sheldon Rd
Middleburg Heights, Ohio
Visited on November 25, 2015

I’d heard a lot about Fat Heads on beer websites and in articles mentioning great breweries over the past couple of years. I sort of discounted them. I’d been to the original location – a sort of trendy, overly busy restaurant/brewery that failed to impress me too much. Mainly I was annoyed at the crowd.

In any case, I wasn’t in a big rush to get here, even though it’s only about 30 minutes from my parents house. But when one of my best friends from growing up started working there, I suddenly had a great excuse to make the trek the day before Thanksgiving.FH4

I’m glad I did.

Fat Heads is amazing y’all. It is not being overblown. The night my wife and I went, they had to have had 20 beers on tap, and I bet at least 14 of them were over 8%, innovative and interesting, and extremely well done. Unfortunately we couldn’t try them all, so we stuck to a flight of six or so. But if we could have walked home, we would have spent the whole night there gladly.

I’m not even going to try to get into the descriptions. I’m sure they change a decent amount all the time. But I promise if you’re ever anywhere near the place, the bar you’re in will likely have their IPA, and drinking that is a very good decision.

FH1As for the location – it’s a ginormous warehouse with rows upon rows of huge fermentation tanks, some of them bubbling happily away. But it doesn’t detract from the taproom feel – in fact I think it enhances it. With banners hanging from the rafters of all their awards, it kind of gets a German hall feel to it. I do believe it’s the best taproom-inside-a-brewery-inside-a-warehouse I’ve experienced. And I’ve been to plenty.

They do have food, but I didn’t try any the night I was there. And given their “kitchen” setup – a row of microwaves, small pizza ovens, deep fryers and the like, I can’t imagine it’s anything to write home about. But I could be wrong.

I will definitely return most every time I’m in the area.FH2

Location: 19
Food: NA
Beer: 20
Service: 19
Overall: 20
Total: 78 (of 80)