hoots2Hoots Beer Co.
840 Mill Works St
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Visited on December 5, 2015

Stumbled upon this place by total accident. While visiting a couple of friends in Winston-Salem, we were taken out to a Mexican restaurant in downtown. Once there, the place was pretty crowded and the wait was decently long, so we ordered some guac and went to wait at the bar down the hall. Little did I know that it was a microbrewery.

Once I figured out they made their own beer, I immediately ordered samples of all four. The styles were pretty much what you’d expect from such a small place – an IPA, an ESB, a wheat and a stout. All of them were crisp and fresh, but there wasn’t a lot of imagination going on. The wait didn’t turn out to be as long as we thought it’d be so we didn’t get to finish them, and the guac didn’t help my tastebuds either, so it could have been better than I remember.hoots1

Either way, the bar is pretty cool. Dark and hip with an awesome back bar and a lot of interesting decorations. I’d go back.

Location: 18
Food: NA
Beer: 15
Service: 17
Overall: 16
Total: 66 (of 80)