nr1Neuse River Brewing Company
518 Pershing Rd
Raleigh, North Carolina
Visited on March 5, 2016

My in-laws moved into a house in downtown Raleigh about two miles from Neuse River Brewing Company in the summer of 2014, and my wife and I lived with them there for three months while our own home in downtown Durham was being built. Unfortunately, Neuse River Brewing Company did not yet exist.

What did exist was Nickelpoint Brewing Company, which we visited a few times and enjoyed during their early days. But it took a while to get to Neuse River Brewing Company because, during a vacation to Europe, a pipe started leaking in the in-laws house, and it took neighbors noticing water leaking out of the kitchen windows before anyone managed to shut it off.

A year of renovations later, and they’re finally moved into their home. We’re finally visiting them there, and finding excuses to walk down to the Neuse River. And based on the two experiences we’ve had, I do believe we’ll be finding many more excuses in the years to come.nr2

I love being surprised by places, and I was surprised at how good the beers at Neuse River Brewing Company are. I wasn’t expecting to find a lot of quality Belgian-styles, but there they were. On my first visit, I ran through the gamut on a couple of flights, and found I liked each beer even better than the last (the high ABV on most of them probably helps).

I think even Bud fans would have to enjoy their Golden Strong named La Belge aDorẻe. They usually have a triple, quad and an imperial IPA for the hop heads in the group. And I can even stand their Witbier – that ever-disappointing gateway into craft beer.

nr3What makes the tastiness even more surprising is the unassuming locale. From the outside, you’d think the business was a shitty old used car lot, minus the used cars actually being in the lot. But throw open the doors, and you find some neat woodwork in the rafters and spartan but well-chosen seating that fits the space perfectly.

As far as breweries that make you feel at home while also serving up some seriously complicated Belgian strong ales go, this place really hits the spot. I daresay it may be my new favorite brewery in Raleigh.

Location: 19
Food: NA
Beer: 20
Service: 18
Overall: 20
Total: 77 (of 80)