ns1Night Shift Brewing
87 Santilli Hwy
Everett, Massachusettes
Visited on May 14, 2016

I found myself back in Boston for one of my wife’s best friend’s wedding only about six months after having visited for a convention. My last visit included Cambridge Brewing Company and Argonaut Brewing Company, so I was looking for something new. Well, that and Cambridge Brewing was closed for a private event for the day.

After somehow managing to cross the Charles River on a jog downtown, ending up halfway out to Somerville, and running a solid three or four miles further than I had originally intended, I was ready for some drinks before the wedding. A few of the other guys in town headed out in an Uber to give Night Shift a try.ns2

They were extremely busy – so much so that it was difficult to find a table. Well, that’s a promising start, as I’m sure New Englanders are particular about their beers.

The brewery features a pretty standard tap room with double doors on either end of the bar leading back to the production facility. A solid blue wall before a beautifully done reclaimed wood bar, a few garage doors and several picnic tables rounds out a pretty sizable footprint. Nicely appointed without being pretentious – let’s hope the beer follows suit.

ns3They had more or less a dozen beers on tap that afternoon, and I worked my way through eight of them on two separate flights. Their style leans heavily toward the West Coast, with a lot of dry bodies and highly hopped finishes. Everything was very well done, but I personally prefer a bit more malty goodness with my abundance of hops.

Mostly for that reason, my favorite of the bunch was a coffee porter that was a bit lighter on the bitterness. And the fact that they used cold brewed coffee from my next door hometown – Counter Culture in Raleigh, North Carolina – it scored a few extra points in my book.

Also scoring a few extra points in said book was the fact that they keep a special beer on tap reserved only for their mug club patrons. I’ve never seen this before, but I’m a fan. I would love it if my hometown haunt kept something special up their sleeves just for their regulars.

Location: 18
Food: NA
Beer: 18
Service: 17
Overall: 18
Total: 71 (of 80)