ws1White Street Brewing Company
218 S White St
Wake Forest, North Carolina
Visited on February 28, 2016

White Street Brewing Company is a pretty ubiquitous figure in the craft scene throughout North Carolina. The main reason for that is their Kolsch – aptly named White Street Kolsch – which is a clean, crisp, authentic version of the style, and a perfect gateway for those claiming to not like craft beer. That’s not to say the brewmaster is boring, though, as their Hopsimist IPA is also always a welcome addition to the taste buds.

It is, however, not close to downtown Raleigh or Durham. Wake Forest is a sleepy, charming, historic downtown about a 30 minute drive from either, and thus not super convenient for visiting. Luckily, an amazing deal on a chest freezer for my keezer build came up in the area, and my wife is amazing in letting me throw together last-minute beer-oriented adventures.ws2

The interior of White Street has a bit of an industrial feel to it – maybe it’s the concrete floors, the modest amount of brewing equipment actually in the taproom, or the lack of seats at the bar. Whatever the reason, it’s clean and well kept, and a welcome modernization of an historic downtown building.

But the seating can be lacking.

There’s no food to speak of, save the food trucks that often park in the street directly outside of their doorway, so straight on to the beer. As mentioned previously, White Street makes clean, crisp, true-to-style beers that nobody in their right mind would turn their nose up to. I don’t really ever see anything outside of their flagship beers, though, and would be hard-pressed to name a beer other than their kolsch, IPA or scottish ale.

ws3Thus it was nice to see a greater variety available at the brewery itself. My wife and I went through an interesting list of five available taproom exclusives (I think) on a sample platter before moseying on down the road.

Admittedly, this is being written several months after the fact, and I can’t say I remember much about them. There were a couple of dark entries, neither of which struck our fancies, and the others were interesting but odd. But the last beer we sampled was a Belgian quad, and it was undeniably delicious. They wouldn’t let us take a growler home (and rightfully so), but a beer that stands out in your mind five months after having tasted it is solid gold in my book.

As we didn’t stay very long, I can’t say all that much about the service, other than it seemed like everyone was getting the drinks they wanted in a timely fashion.

Location: 17
Food: NA
Beer: 17
Service: 17
Overall: 17
Total: 68 (of 80)