bp1Brueprint Brewing Company
1229 Perry Rd #101
Apex, North Carolina
Visited on August 13, 2016

There’s a saying about what the town of CARY is an acronym for – Containment Area for Relocated Yankees. The Research Triangle is (and has been) one of the fastest growing areas in the nation. Located between UNC, NC State and Duke University, it’s a hotbed for tech startups that, while not nearly on the same level as Boston or Silicon Valley, is still top five in the nation.

But unlike Boston and Silicon Valley, the cost of living is amazingly (relatively) cheap. Put those situations together, and you have a lot of well-educated, middle-to-upper class folks from the East Coast moving into this little bubble of non-typical-Southerndom. And all those folks are going to want a place to live that match the suburban subdivision of McMansion cookie cutters they’re accustomed to drooling over.

Welcome to Cary.


Clearly from Google Maps, but I couldn’t find another exterior photo. Doesn’t matter. I think you get the picture.

But for those who are priced out of Cary, or just can’t stand living even 20 minutes away from anything interesting happening in downtown Raleigh, there’s the town of Apex. It’s the next Cary, if you will, but a bit further south. Located there is Brueprint Brewing Company, and the place exemplifies the town it’s situated in.

Like many breweries, Brueprint is located in a sort of strip mall, warehouse hybrid building, right next to a Crossfit. But don’t let that fool you – it’s still well away from anything remotely resembling a walkable environment, down a dead end street that could be located in any one of a thousand towns east of the Mississippi.

File_001I rolled in on a quiet Saturday early in the afternoon with the heat beating down mercilessly. There were a handful of people already in there, sitting at one of 10 high-top tables, or in the corner where two love-seat-size cushy sofas corner a square coffee table. The walls are painted a solid color blue. There are some framed posters featuring the artwork and names of the various beers they’ve brewed. There’s a TV or two over the bar.

That’s about all the character you’ll find.

The beer is fairly emblematic of the same theme. Their standard four beers don’t even include an IPA. The flagships include a hoppy amber, a watered-down brown and a hefty, straight-forward wee-heavy scottish ale. The best of the bunch is a very well-balanced pale ale, with plenty of floral aromas and flavors that can be drowned out in West Coast IPAs in my experience – I’ll give them points for that.

There were another six beers on tap that day – four of which were available in flight size. They included a strawberry/blueberry white wheat, a saison, an IPA and an attempt at a sour. The IPA was solid, the wheat was typical, the saison forgettable, and the sour downright thin and unappealing, even to this sour-lover.File_000

I don’t want to be too hard on the place. They do make good beer without any rancid notes or terribly off flavors. It’s just kind of boring, and they serve everything in plastic cups. But just like there will always be millions of people who want to live in gigantic cheap houses far away from anything save a Target and Olive Garden, there will be plenty of people in love with the local brewpub because it’s kind of boring, not in spite of.

They hit that market well.

Location: 15
Food: NA
Beer: 16
Service: 16
Overall: 15
Total: 62 (of 80)