db1Durty Bull Brewing Company
206 Broadway St #104
Durham, North Carolina
Visited many times

Durty Bull Brewing Company is pretty hit or miss for me. It was started by a local homebrewer who specialized in kettle sours. The first time I had one of his blends at a homebrewing competition I was blown away, and eagerly awaited the opening of his new brewery.

It’s hard to translate good homebrew to good commercial brew – the scales are wildly different and recipes do not directly translate. Being no dummy, they hired a professional brewer to take the reigns of their new project – one of the original founders and brewers of Fullsteam (right around the corner) who had since moved to Big Boss in Raleigh.

This was a good move…except I never really cared that much for Fullsteam’s beer when I first moved to Durham. There were some good one-offs, to be sure, but the taste was inconsistent and I didn’t care for pretty much any of the standard lineup. Now at Durty Bull, that’s pretty much how I feel about their beer.db2

They have a rice IPA that a lot of hopheads enjoy, but I find it fundamentally unbalanced due to the lack of actual malt. The few Brett beers I’ve had I’ve not thoroughly enjoyed, and they even put mint into a brew, which I’ve never seen done to enjoyable results.

db3That’s not to say they don’t have their good beers though. The Baltic Porter is pretty good, and their Blonde Sour is very solid. But does that makeup for the fact that I hate their standard lager and Brett IPA?

Well, you can’t please everyone, and not every batch can be a winner. So as I said, they’re pretty hit or miss with me, but whenever I go I can find something I want to drink. And while the space isn’t incredibly impressive by any means, it has a solid Durham feel – clean and stable with zero pretense.

And a lot of Simpsons.

Location: 16
Food: NA
Beer: 16
Service: 19
Overall: 17
Total: 68 (of 80)