yy1YesterYears Brewery & Taproom
300 E Main St c
Carrboro, North Carolina
website (N/A)
Visited on May 14, 2017

Yesteryears is yet another new brewery in the Triangle area that I have no idea why it took me so long to visit. It’s literally about a 15 minute drive from my house, and we drive to neighboring Chapel Hill almost weekly to hit the Trader Joes (the frozen food is so worth the drive).

One fine Sunday evening, my wife and I happened to have tickets to go see Emma Watson of Nicklecreek fame live (can’t recommend enough) at Cat’s Cradle, which just so happens to be right next door to Yesteryears. Perfect opportunity.

Yesteryears is in a strip-mall-like-looking thing and isn’t easily distinguishable. If there’s a big sign showing you where the doors are, we couldn’t find it. And the situation is made more confusing in that there’s this weird little separate shack-like building inside that hosts a coffee stand. There’s a clear sign for said coffee stand, which is through the same doors as Yesteryears, but not so much for the brewery.

It’s a weird setup, and after trying the beers, I’m wondering if it’s not because Yesteryears is hemorrhaging money.

yy2After stumbling into the brewing room on accident, my wife and I finally made it to the bar and ordered a flight of the five beers they currently had on tap. The bartender was delightful – she was engaging and funny. She took the time to explain the weird bar games they play to pass the time during the day, keeping tally of their “world records” on the chalk board behind the bar.

She was also a homebrewer, so was easily able to talk about the beer a lot. She also seemed to know enough to know it wasn’t very good. When leaving the place, she said we should come back in a month because they were brewing some beers she was really excited about.

Yeah, we’ll see. As I sit here and type, I’m looking for their website to tell me what I drank, but they don’t seem to have one anymore. Further, there’s a crowdsourcing fundraiser on Facebook to try to help save the brewery. It seems like it worked, as the last post on the page is celebratory in that they’ll be staying open.

Reading the text further, I can see why they’re struggling. Apparently the owner/brewer’s son took his own life in 2016 and the last place he saw him was in the brewery. Yeah, that might make the product suffer a little bit. Here’s to hoping they turn it around in the coming year.

They may want to start by at least getting an operational Facebook page, if not a website.

Location: 14
Food: NA
Beer: 10
Service: 20
Overall: 14
Total: 58 (of 80)