taft3Taft’s Ale House
1429 Race St
Cincinnati, Ohio
Visited on May 28, 2017

The second brewery visited on our Cincinnati tour was a short walk away from the hangover-curing Rhinegeist, a true gem of a brewery if I’ve ever seen one. It would be hard for any place to follow a showing like that, but Taft’s Ale House did a pretty good job.

It’s hard to not be impressive when your brewery is located in church first constructed in 1850 in one of the state’s oldest neighborhoods. A beautiful, classic red brick church complete with a towering steeple on the outside, the inside has kept a lot of the original wood charm while modernizing for today’s craft brewing experience.

taft2Slightly confusing, there are actually two ways to enter the space. The first is on the corner and leads to the lower level, which is more of what you’d expect out of a bar. The second is through the massive main gate, which leads you up a flight of stairs to the former worship hall.

We spent some time in both. The main hall is very cool and fun to look around at for the architecture. The lower bar is great for a more classic bar feel, though the food menu is not as extensive.

taft1Speaking of food, while we didn’t have a full meal, we got a couple of orders of pretzel sticks – a couple because the first was too good to pass up a second. I can’t speak for sure about the fare, but if that one app is any indication, it’s pretty legit.

As for the beer, I wasn’t as enthralled as I was about Rhinegeist’s wares, but it was still very, very good. They offered a wide variety of styles, each brewed cleanly and (mostly) to style. Their Farmhouse Saison and 27 Lager (Dormunder) were especially on point, and the IPAs were great too for those hopheads out there.

taft4Location: 20
Food: 18
Beer: 18
Service: 20
Overall: 18
Total: 94