LB1Local Brewing Company
69 Bluxome Street
San Francisco, California
Visited on October 30, 2017

I seem to have made it a habit recently of taking late flights out when returning from trips. While this leaves me in a terrible position for a case of the Mondays, it does give me some more time to explore the local beer scene at my destination.

This was again the case in the last weekend of October when a work trip left me with a Monday to kill while in San Francisco waiting on my red-eye flight. After finishing up conference stuff in the morning, I made my way down the street to Local Brewing Company.

This is a true neighborhood brewery if I’ve ever seen one. They were still setting up shop for the day when I strolled in a bit after 2:00 pm, but that didn’t stop the bar from being mostly full with a very wide range of individuals. The atmosphere is extremely relaxed and the patrons all pretty much seem to know the bartenders and each other. According to the beer menu/pamphlet, the brewery started as a grassroots project and is aimed at serving the local community.

LB3Mission accomplished.

I usually prefer a bit more in the way of decorations and slightly-above-simple comforts, but the plane Jane approach really works with this spot. And it helps that the beers are pretty tasty to boot. I went through about eight decently sized sample pours. The common lagers were both excellent and grainy, and the IPAs were appropriately ridiculously hopped (thanks West Coast). There were, of course, two hazy IPAs as is customary these days, and a decent showing of Belgians as well.

Everything was well above average in quality, though the IPAs didn’t really quite do it for me. If I were a regular, I’d be downing their lagers on the regular, while mixing in a Belgian or a stout in the winter months.

LB2The service was nice, despite them hectically trying to open the place while customers were trickling in. As it should be with such a grassroots effort, the owner was one of the ones scurrying about behind the bar, and I recognized the head brewer pouring beers from the website. While there was a small room with some hot plates in the back that served as a kitchen, I didn’t partake of any food while there.

For anybody who thinks craft beer is all about snobbiness, I suggest they visit Local Brewing, and they’ll be set straight in about five seconds.

Location: 18
Food: NA
Beer: 17
Service: 18
Overall: 19
Total: 72 (of 80)