SL3Smith & Lentz Brewing Company
903 Main St
Nashville, Tennessee
Visited on October 8, 2017

My second trip to Nashville was much more impressive brewery-wise than my first. Of course, it helps that the State legislature had since changed the laws taxing beers brewed above 6.2 percent as liquor, and that I went to a higher quality establishment.

My senior college roommate decided to have his bachelor party in Nashville along with roughly half of everybody else getting married east of the Mississippi. After a weekend of debauchery, I found myself alone on Sunday waiting for an 8:00 pm flight. What else to do but drink and watch football?

Not feeling up to moving all that much, the lone brewery I visited was Smith & Lentz – and it was an excellent choice. The location feels more like a warehouse than a warm and inviting bar, but it does enough to be cozy without being completely cold. The bar is a nice area and there’s a decently sized space filled with picnic tables and other seating options, all backing up to a pull-down projector screen. It’s not super impressive, but it also won’t put anyone off.

SL1What the place lacks in decor it more than makes up for in wares. After settling in for the long haul, I made it through at least two full sample platters and a pint, and everything was great. They focused more on American IPAs than anything, which more often than not featured Mosaic hops. Not a bad choice at all.

The couple of New England style brews they had were both of high quality. The fresh hop Mosaic was well worth the full pint I ended up ordering. And their non-IPAs were also solid, including an extremely fresh Vienna Lager, a decent Octoberfest, and a fantastic imperial oatmeal stout. I could’ve sat there all day.

SL2And I very nearly did. The few conversations I struck up with folks around me were all pleasant – they have a good crowd. The bartender never got sick of me and was happy to banter now and then. She also really seemed to know their beer, which is always a good sign of the quality of the establishment.

Any brewery where you can happily enjoy yourself for several hours is a win in my book.

Location: 16
Food: NA
Beer: 20
Service: 20
Overall: 19
Total: 75 (of 80)