nano3Nano Brew
1859 W 25th St
Cleveland, Ohio
Visited on November 20, 2017

On what will likely be my final Thanksgiving-time visit to the greater Cleveland-Akron area, I decided to hit up an old favorite – Great Lakes Brewing Company – while exploring some of the many new breweries that have popped up in Ohio City over the past several years.

Nano Brew is a bar’s bar. It has a comfortable quality about it, with a ton of old, beautiful woodwork, dim lights and a neighborhood hangout feel – at least when it’s quiet, as it was that Monday night. Long and narrow with a few eclectic decorations, I’d almost call it a dive if it weren’t so clean and nice.

It’s an interesting brewery, as it’s a test site for the larger Market Garden Brewery located just down the street. While they have some of the best sellers from their parent company perpetually on draft, most of their brews are dedicated to small batch one-offs in search of the next big seasonal or staple to move over to the larger brewing system on a regular basis.

nano1So you’d think that most of their wares would be misses, but instead, I found most of them to be quite tasty, if not downright hits. Being around Thanksgiving, there were a couple of pumpkin/harvest ales available and several IPAs. My wife and I made our way through two full sample platters – delivered on a very precarious tray that seems more likely to tip than not – and a decent number of them were at least 8 percent ABV. Of the beers we had, a coffee stout with a gentleman’s name attached to it was our favorite, along with a couple of the stronger, juicier IPAs.

They did have a food menu, though as I said we were saving ourselves for Great Lakes. We did get some nibbles, though, and ordered some hummus and pita bread. Not sure if it was made in house, but that small bit of culinary execution was on point, at least. I would reserve full judgment for a future date, however.nano2

As for service, the bar was nearly empty so it was quite good. And we were sitting with the brother of one of the senior staff, so we got some good inside information from there too. I will provide this one bit of warning though – watch out for the bearded bartender, Geoff…he’s a dick. ;-p

Location: 20
Food: 17
Beer: 17
Service: 19
Overall: 18
Total: 91