About the Tour

So I used to have this website called King’s Brewpub Tour where I kept track of all of the breweries and brewpubs I’ve visited. A short review of each establishment was accompanied by a scoring based on location, food, service, beer and simply my overall opinion of the place.

After a couple of years of keeping it up, I decided to go bigger. I started designing a page based in Flash with cool popup windows, interactive views of the different states and the ability to sort the breweries by name, location or ranking. It was so big, in fact, that I never got around to finishing it. And the update sucked up so much of my time that I never got around to simply keeping up with the simpler version.

Thus, King’s Brewpub Tour came to pass on to a better place.

Then something odd happened. A friend of mine asked what happened to the site, as he had recently moved to Wisconsin and was looking for information on the breweries there. This meant that somebody out there actually had visited my site and found it somewhat useful, which got me thinking that I shouldn’t let all of this great information go to waste.

Please keep in mind that a lot of these “reviews” come from single visits, some of which occurred nearly a decade ago. Take everything with a grain of salt. Except the more recent reviews – those should be pretty accurate (and more scathing as I become more of a snob).

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