Brewpubs by State

As you can probably tell, despite the name of the blog, I have not had a beer in each of the 50 states. But I’m working on it. And as you can probably tell by the number of establishments visited in each state, I’ve lived for a couple of years in several of them.

During my time in Idaho, I managed to hit a decent number of breweries in Washington and Oregon. In a single summer in northern California, I drank at more than 20 local brewpubs. And the longest I’ve spent anywhere since beginning this is Michigan, which is why I’m up to nearly 50. If Ohio and Indiana had the density of breweries that Michigan and the West Coast does, they’d be up nearly as far as well.

So what’s my favorite beer state? To be honest, I’d pit Michigan’s top five against any other state’s. But if you want to start adding in the pure numbers of “Excellent” to “Cream of the Crop” breweries, Oregon is the place to be.

There’s still a lot of places I need to go and states I need to have a beer at a brewpub in. If you have any recommendations for the states not yet listed here, let me know.

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