Date Visited Name Location Score Website
7/2/2015 Breckenridge Brewery & Pub Breckenridge, Colorado 93 website
6/1/2015 The Dillon Dam Brewery Restaurant Dillon, Colorado 87 website
6/1/2015 The Bakers’ Brewery Silverthorne, Colorado 86 website
7/5/2015 Denver ChopHouse and Brewery Denver, Colorado 80 website
7/1/2015 Backcountry Brewery Frisco, Colorado 78 website
7/5/2015 Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery Denver, Colorado 75 website
7/5/2015 Great Divide Brewing Company Denver, Colorado 79 (of 80) website
7/3/2015 Broken Compass Brewing Company Breckenridge, Colorado 76 (of 80) website
7/6/2015 Denver Beer Company Denver, Colorado 75 (of 80) website
7/4/2015 River North Brewery Denver, Colorado 73 (of 80) website
7/7/2015 Prost Brewing Company Denver, Colorado 69 (of 80) website
7/5/2015 Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery Denver, Colorado 63 (of 80) website

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