Date Visited Name Location Score Website
2/19/2009 Wildlife Brewing and Pizza Victor, Idaho 94 website
9/1/2009 MickDuff’s Brewing Company Sandpoint, Idaho 89 website
12/10/2009 Pandora’s Restaurant and Pub Twin Falls, Idaho 89 CLOSED
10/?/2008 Table Rock Brewpub and Grill Boise, Idaho 84 website
Lots 08-10 Coeur d’Alene Brewing Company Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 84 CLOSED
12/10/2009 RAM Restaurant and Brewery Boise, Idaho 83 website
9/?/2009 Sockeye Grill and Brewing Boise, Idaho 82 website
2/20/2009 Brownstone Restaurant and Brewhouse Idaho Falls, Idaho 81 CLOSED
9/?/2009 Highlands Hollow Brewhouse Boise, Idaho 79 website
2/16/2009 Portneuf Valley Brewing Company Pocatello, Idaho 79 website
2008-2012 The Alehouse Moscow, Idaho 76 website
7/11/2008 M.J. Barleyhoppers Lewiston, Idaho 63 website

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